Spanning Sync – syncing Google Calendar and iCal


Ok, say you have a Google Calendar but you like the interface of your Macs iCal. Spanning Sync, could be for you. Its a software that syncs the two calendars – something lots of people have been asking for. Spanning Sync is still in beta, so there are bugs to fix, but its quite promising, I would say. I have tried it only once, and then decided to wait for the real release.

Either download it and try, or stay tuned with their blog at

Update 13/3/2007: today March 13th Spanning Sync has gone v1.0. It is no longer beta, but …. you will have to pay if you want to use it longer than 15 days. They’ll charge you 25$ a year or 65$ for an all time subscription, that seems like quite a bit. What are your thoughts?


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