Opensource DICOM viewer for Mac: OsiriX


OsiriX is an open source DICOM viewer for the mac. It has everything (as in ‘everything’): nice management tools for dealing with larger sets of images, 2D, 3D and even 4D visualization tools, it can do volume rendering, MIP, surface rendering, you can adjust opacity maps, colormaps, export, import ….

I still have to find out what it can’t do, that I would like it to do … wait, it would be nice, if it could export volumes directly to .mat files, correctly de-destorted, but thats dreaming maybe. Anyway, the rendering is not lightening fast, but I suspect, that it might be my mac. Since matlab just crashes when I read in the data in full resolution, I’ll say 2min loading time before you start to fly through the volume is sort of okish.

try it out: OsiriX was updated today to Ver. 2.7.1 (read the change log, and you will start to droll …)
The last time I loved it, was when Matlab would not read the dicom headers of 500 CT slices. I needed the header information to sort them correctly to import the volumes – slice by slice – into Matlab. OsiriX read them, and exported the individual volumes/slices neatly and in the correct order to a directory.


One Response to “Opensource DICOM viewer for Mac: OsiriX”

  1. Georg Says:


    If you are interested in working with Matlab + DICOMs, there is a DICOM management freeware in the works at . The first release should happen soon.


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