I am a blogger


Finally I am arrived in Web 2.0 – Maybe.

Yesterday Georg asked me to join this blog and I must say that I am very honored to write with such excellent Mac Users.

In the future I will hopefully write here some things about Open Source progams for the mac.

Briefly to descibe my background I have to say that I originally come from Dos then wandering to Nextstep then I had a short intermezzo with windows traversing to Linux and at last I made a sudden curve to MacOSX.

One of my favite things is Open Source Software. For programming I prefer Python and as for my work I like Zope. Maybe I drop here and there a line about it.

So at the end of my first blog I have to say to You. Thanks for reading and get a mac, macports, mplayer, iterm, quicksilver and eclipse. It will make your life easier – maybe.


One Response to “I am a blogger”

  1. thorolf Says:

    actually my first computer was a VIC 20 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commodore_VIC-20
    It had a very cool tape drive and it made funny sounds and it had this nice graphic interface with very big pixels.

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