Platypus is a really nice tool, to start command line tools or scripts from the GUI.

I show here a quick and dirty hack to demonstrate the power.

platypus - mplayer starter

You can install mplayer and python from the macports.

sudo port install mplayer python24

To use the commandline mplayer, you have also to install the X11 bundle, from your MacOSX Install DVD. It’s not installed out of the box.

The source code for the python mplayer start script (e.g.

#!/usr/bin/env python

import sys
import os

filename = sys.argv[2]
os.system(“/opt/local/bin/mplayer -framedrop -fs \”%s\”” % filename)

To start it, fire up your Quicksilver and select a movie file and use open with the mplayer script. You can also say your finder to open the film of your choice with the mplayer start script. The easiest way is simply to drop a film on the script.

Here you will find some other useful platypus scripts.

If you have a better solution, please comment it and I will update this.

have fun


2 Responses to “platypus”

  1. Georg Says:


    cool! say I have a python script that uses packages like pysci … can I include them, so the package is still standalone with platypus?


  2. thorolf Says:


    no problem. Platypus builds a full mac application. You have two choices. The python package you want to use, is in the PYTHONPATH of your environment or you can embed the python package in the application folder. The second way makes applictions bigger, but you can copy it to any other mac and it will work.

    You can also define your own environment variables in platypus.

    In this simple and mighty app I embedded the start script in the application. That means that you can delete the original source file after building the application.

    bis bald

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