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smooth wake up service

April 21, 2007

I am using this tool every day and I nearly forgot to write about it.

The Alarm Clock for my macbook.

What should I say – its an alarm clock. And it smoothly ends my dreams with my itunes music collection.

I especially like the easy wake function.

one little hint: Don’t have your remote control near your bed, when you have an urgent appointment.

good night – sleep tight


GCALDaemon: sync your iCal with Google Calendar

April 18, 2007

…. or any other local desktop calendar application for that matter. GCALDaemon is a little server that sits on your computer and syncs your Google Calendar data with your local ical files. It is open source and cross platform. I am about to check it out right now:

GCALDaemon via Lifehacker

TiddlyWiki – a happy geeky notebook wiki

April 10, 2007

When I first realized what the authors of TiddlyWiki had put together, I sat down and thought – wow … several times, for a few minutes. (This was after I had spent the night setting up a mediawiki, with lots of sql sweetness etc.)

TiddlyWiki is the most compact, self-contained, portable, superpowerfull, and neat to look at personal wiki, I could imagine at this moment. (remember … after spending the night …). Imagine it as a crossing between wiki, post-it collection, and todo list.

And: its all contained in a single html file, you simple download and open in your browser. That’s it, changes are saved in an xml file that is located in the same directory as TiddlyWiki. If you want to do a backup, or move it somewhere: just zip these two files, and copy or mail them. Minimum requirements: a web browser with java script enabled.

Very cool!

instiki: your very own wiki

April 2, 2007

If you are looking for an easy way to organize yourself Instiki might be for you. It is a wiki+server in a box, based on ruby, and runs locally on your PC/MAC/Lunix.

On my MAC I use Version 0.92 to organize all the various bits of knowledge, I would like to have quick access to, later on. Ver 0.92 seems to be the last version that runs easily i.e. stand alone on a MAC. You can get Ver 0.11p1 but you’ll have to go through quite an installation to get it running. However, the people over at instiki are feverishly working on getting Version 0.11p1 to run out of the box on a MAC, too.

Note to Ver 0.92: There seems to be a bug with exporting your wik. I will keep you posted, when I find a solution.

[Update instiki Export bug]: Ok, here is what I did to fix the export bug: in the file wiki.rb (included in the download) I have deleted the string ../../ from line 4. Now my exports work. One last catch is that after exporting all links to pages with names, that should have a + in it (for example [[this and that]] becomes this+and+that in instiki language don’t link, because they are exported to this and that.html. Anyway, they do exist. I will just avoid such links from now on.

[Update 2: it crashed – big time] Ok, instiki crashed on me. Maybe I should not have played around with newer versions (discovering, that if developer tools are installed on your mac, higher versions seemingly do work), maybe I should not have done a lot of things … it crashed! (%&$(/%$(/& it wont start up again! it wont start up again! thank god, i did one thing: fix this export bug, so at least my terribly valuable knowledge was preserved in the textile formated files.

What did I do after I started breathing again? Right, I got a full blown mediawiki running on my mac, just for me, alone, yes. MediaWiki is what is behind Wikipedia by the way, so a few million beta testers couldn’t be wrong. How i did that and what happened shortly after that I will tell you in one of the next posts ….

… stay tuned.