TiddlyWiki – a happy geeky notebook wiki


When I first realized what the authors of TiddlyWiki had put together, I sat down and thought – wow … several times, for a few minutes. (This was after I had spent the night setting up a mediawiki, with lots of sql sweetness etc.)

TiddlyWiki is the most compact, self-contained, portable, superpowerfull, and neat to look at personal wiki, I could imagine at this moment. (remember … after spending the night …). Imagine it as a crossing between wiki, post-it collection, and todo list.

And: its all contained in a single html file, you simple download and open in your browser. That’s it, changes are saved in an xml file that is located in the same directory as TiddlyWiki. If you want to do a backup, or move it somewhere: just zip these two files, and copy or mail them. Minimum requirements: a web browser with java script enabled.

Very cool!


One Response to “TiddlyWiki – a happy geeky notebook wiki”

  1. Sam Says:

    Yeah. I use it for everything. Have a look at the TiddlySnip firefox extension, for making webclips/links into tiddlers. Handy stuff. I use it for my discourse.tiddlyspot.com, school notes.

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