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TED prize for James Nachtwey

May 22, 2007

Not particularly mac, but I think it is remarkable: James Nachtwey – a photographer of war – has won the TED prize. The prize is $100.000 and – more interestingly – it grants the winner the support of the TED community in realizing a wish.

Watch James Nachtweys speech


The Network Lamp

May 13, 2007


I have a new little toy. Actually two.

A Asus WL500gp router with OpenWRT on it and a Arduino I/O Board.

Ok and what is so cool with a linux wlan router with usb und a usb plattform independent I/O Board, you might ask?

Here I put some snapshots of the prototype I built with this two cool things. its a little case to switch on and off a led over wlan.

Right now I have added a little optocoupler circuit to switch on and off a little 220volt lamp. (this description is coming soon)

beside that my little router is

  • a network file storage (samba)
  • a network printer connector for my usb laser printer
  • a ITunes streaming server (with mt-daapd)
  • a switch for lazy people
  • a wlan router, dhcp server and other useful network stuff
  • a IPsec VPN gateway, for a Intranet with my friends


now its possible for my friends to switch on and off my bedside lamp 🙂

I will update this thread regulary in the future and I will try to build some useful documents

If you have some ideas, comments or other stuff to say, please let me know.

Bis Bald