DxO Filmpack


Ever thought: well these digital photographs look nice, but I want my Kodak Tri-X look, and no matter how I squeeze the color-mixer, contrast and exposure it does never arrive?

DxO Filmpack does exactly that: it takes your digital photographs and simulates the look of a range of films and processing techniques, you can choose positive and negative color, black and white and cross processed film looks.

I tried DxO Filmpack, and it is very very impressive! Of course your first thought is, why the heck would I destroy my photographs with simulated grain? What can they do, what I can’t with the curve-tool? But when you see the results you will think: I don’t really care about destroying perfect files as long as this is what comes out – and no I could not do the same with the curve-tool – and actually the result is what matters.

Especially black and white films look great. A side effect of the grain is that over-exposed regions in the image don’t look blown-out any more. The color film options were nice, too, but there is something strange about a heavily boosted saturation that sometimes seems to be beyond the colorspace. … I’ll have to look into that. Anyway, I only really cared about Tri-X and Delta400. Try it with portraits!



Crops of a photograph: upper image: desaturate, lower image: filmpack tri-X


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