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Big file transfers:

May 23, 2008

Occasionally I have to transfer large amounts of data, or just distribute data, or slides to students.


Until now I did it by checking out for a free space somewhere on the server, fiddling with htaccess files, if it was not meant for public access, distributing the URL, rechecking it, if it really worked … for which I sometimes had to log in via ssh, and change the settings with chmod … this was cool, because it looked fancy to have data on your server. All the rest of the procedure … sucked, and the sysadmin did not like my 50MB files a lot.


I just go to and upload the stuff. I choose a nice URL e.g.,, choose a password – or not, choose a separate admin password for me – or not. bamm. done. 15min work reduced to 1min. No registering, no signup, the only downside I found is the 100MB limit – but well, I can live with that.