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google and apple: mobiles, me and the cloud

June 29, 2008

Thinking about buying an iPhone2 is one of the things to do lately, and with the upcoming mobileme there is a whole new dimension to the pondering: should you go for an open standard like Android, and the google side of the street, or for a seemingly open, but appearantly pretty controlled environment like the iphone and mobileme?

I honestly don’t know. I was in favor of an iphone until very recently, when mobileme turned out to be a pretty restrictive thing in terms of interoperability with other online services, that I use (like gmail).

I am a fan of the apple-philosophy – to build few but very good things – and to make your computer run with a well integrated and spectacularly useful user interface. But now I have doubts, whether this approach scales up to web based systems. The apple experience is about a box with perfectly tuned stuff inside. What is the cloud about?

I think it is about integration beyond hardware, and far beyond sticking with a single company to provide you with everything – especially since you trust a lot of stuff into their hands. Unlike for hardware, and my computer box, which just has to run, I would like to be able to use web-based services by lots of different providers in a convenient fashion. I just can’t see a single provider having all exiting ideas – and I would like to try all of them.

So I might as well wait for the second iteration of android phones, and hope that they come with decent hardware.

A piece in Wired describes the story behind Android.


mobileme or gmail?

June 27, 2008

… that is the question. I am happy with my gmail account, so should I buy a mobileme one? Can I use them both at the same time in some streamlined convenient integrated fashion? MobileMe is sexy, but gmail is convenient. What shall we do? Where can we go? Where is my stressbollen … I have to go.

A nice piece on that on cult of mac.

HD tapeless video and MACs

June 6, 2008

So ever eager to stay informed on purchase options that are not going to materialize – because A. I don’t really need the stuff, and B. it’s actually pretty expensive – lately I am getting a pro in tapeless HD camcorders.

It turns out, that even-though you can plug these camcorders in the computer, and usually can see the videos as files, the importing is by no means trivial. It seems that the codecs are far beyond the capabilities of the software one would usually use, and well what can I say: everybody seems to love their own proprieteriness a tad to much.

In this spirit here is a piece on 5 tapeless camcorders and how they work (or don’t) with a MAC. Good thing: the canon, which is on the top of my virtual ‘I would buy it if I would need it’ list, seems to cooperate smoothly.

Tapeless camcorders are not a Mac’s best friend at MacWorld

Versions … subversion

June 4, 2008

This seems to be pretty interesting. … especially the free hosted repositories for quick and dirty collaborations. On the other hand, how can you trust someone with your data?

Anyway, I will keep Versions on the radar, because a handy subversion client that keeps track of all the working copies on my harddisc looks … promising.