Use all fonts in the internet!


Everyone who has designed a web site, knows about this: you choose a nice font, build the web-site, put it online … and your buddy calls, and says: ‘why on earth did you use courier???’, and you answer: ‘get a mac, man!’ …

… not satisfying.

The reason for this: the set of fonts, that are available on all systems is relatively small, so if the font on your website is not available on the receivers computer, it will be rendered with something different. Now fonts are certainly not the most important part of a web-site … but I think fonts are an important part of publishing, and eventually there has to be some way, to accomplish the richness of printed media in the web.

The effort behind @font-face might be a big step in this direction. The basic idea, is to store font faces on a central repository, to which everybody has access. It will be incorporated in Firefox 3.1, which is a very good sign.

Here is a piece on @font-face on

The Future of Web Fonts looks Brighter


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