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Touch Camera ….

August 14, 2008

This looks like a very interesting concept: Touch Sight a camera for blind people.

It reminds me on the Bach y Rita Experiments. There they mounted a small array of vibrating sticks on the thong of people. The array was hooked up to a camera, mounted on their head. Eyes were closed. After a while, people could ‘see’ with the device, developed a rough idea of 3D, could avoid obstacles.

Lit: P. Bach-y-Rita, C. C. Collins, F. Sauders, B. White, and L. Scadden. Vision substitution by tactile image projection. Nature, 221:963-964, 1969.


mobileme *and* gmail?

August 12, 2008

We have been discussing that off and on, but here is a piece from someone, who actually tried it … and seemingly abandoned the idea after a few hours. Nice detailed listing what’s possible, and what’s not:

MobileMe and Gmail: Pick one or expect frustration