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easy eclipse go

June 28, 2007

Ever fumbled with that eclipse plugin on your mac? Ever thought: Were else should I provide the path to this and that?

EasyEclipse 1.2.2 might be for you. Its the free open source software development environment Eclipse plus a few plugins in an easy to install version for your mac.


Journaler – a bloggers friend

March 29, 2007

This time I want to write about Journaler, a nice tool for blogging. It’s very easy to handle and has many nice features for writing. This is my first blog with Journaler and in the future I will give you now and then an update about my experiences with it.

The configuration for blogging is quite simple. Under Journaler -> Preferences -> Blogging  add a MetaWeblog API account.
The Blog’s Location is http://<your blog> and the XML-RPC is http://<your blog> and of course you should know your login name and your password.

For now I can say. It exists, is easy to use and its full of features I want to try out. I also hope, that it will increase my blogging rate to bring you more cool information, about mac and free software.