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syslogd gone wild

January 8, 2008

Since Leopard my mac sometimes begins to freeze and I recognized that my syslogd is running at 100-150% with 1Gb of virtual memory. I wondered a little bit about it and began digging in Google.

My research ended in a guess. (If its wrong – please drop me a note)

The reason is, that buggy programs are filling up the syslogd with debug messages – mostly Apple Event Debug messages in my case. When the file /var/log/asl.db is over 20-25 mb big, the syslogd goes wild

so execute in your prefered shell

     sudo rm /var/log/asl.db && sudo killall syslogd

and it will stop for a while.


I am looking for a permanent solution. If you know one – please drop me note.

have fun


Most useful hack: how to get your mail

December 20, 2007

Ever eager to supply you with the most useful how-tos, we couldn’t withhold this: simplicity, availability, beauty:


macbook mouse move graphics error and fix

November 30, 2007

This is what happened: suddenly the lower half of the upper half of my screen started to jump approximately 1 pixel up and down, when my mouse crossed a certain horizontal line on the screen + I had two vertical 1 pixel offsets in my screen + I couldn’t grab the effect in a screen shot, because everything was fine in a screen shot. It didn’t really jump a lot – so the screen was usable – just the bit, that makes your unconsciousness go really crazy with the thought ‘right, thats my graphics card, minimum time after guaranty expiry’ …

If you just want to fix it, jump to the ‘quick solution’, while I rant on here …

Things that you can do, but that don’t really help

You can clean up your startup list of programs, and remove everything – doesn’t fix the problem, but my mac starts with light-speed again. You can remove the desktop background – well this one I put back in place by now. You could restart, change the screen resolution, the number of colors displayed, go through lots of forums … or:

The quick solution

I had a basically unused spare account on my mac, and copied the from this account, and replaced my version on my account. BAM. fixed. (this took the better part of a day)  Note that from the preference panel point of view, universal access was turned off all the time during this episode.