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HD tapeless video and MACs

June 6, 2008

So ever eager to stay informed on purchase options that are not going to materialize – because A. I don’t really need the stuff, and B. it’s actually pretty expensive – lately I am getting a pro in tapeless HD camcorders.

It turns out, that even-though you can plug these camcorders in the computer, and usually can see the videos as files, the importing is by no means trivial. It seems that the codecs are far beyond the capabilities of the software one would usually use, and well what can I say: everybody seems to love their own proprieteriness a tad to much.

In this spirit here is a piece on 5 tapeless camcorders and how they work (or don’t) with a MAC. Good thing: the canon, which is on the top of my virtual ‘I would buy it if I would need it’ list, seems to cooperate smoothly.

Tapeless camcorders are not a Mac’s best friend at MacWorld


DxO Filmpack

July 29, 2007

Ever thought: well these digital photographs look nice, but I want my Kodak Tri-X look, and no matter how I squeeze the color-mixer, contrast and exposure it does never arrive?

DxO Filmpack does exactly that: it takes your digital photographs and simulates the look of a range of films and processing techniques, you can choose positive and negative color, black and white and cross processed film looks.

I tried DxO Filmpack, and it is very very impressive! Of course your first thought is, why the heck would I destroy my photographs with simulated grain? What can they do, what I can’t with the curve-tool? But when you see the results you will think: I don’t really care about destroying perfect files as long as this is what comes out – and no I could not do the same with the curve-tool – and actually the result is what matters.

Especially black and white films look great. A side effect of the grain is that over-exposed regions in the image don’t look blown-out any more. The color film options were nice, too, but there is something strange about a heavily boosted saturation that sometimes seems to be beyond the colorspace. … I’ll have to look into that. Anyway, I only really cared about Tri-X and Delta400. Try it with portraits!



Crops of a photograph: upper image: desaturate, lower image: filmpack tri-X

TED prize for James Nachtwey

May 22, 2007

Not particularly mac, but I think it is remarkable: James Nachtwey – a photographer of war – has won the TED prize. The prize is $100.000 and – more interestingly – it grants the winner the support of the TED community in realizing a wish.

Watch James Nachtweys speech

DIY altoids camera

March 22, 2007

This isn’t particularly mac, but it’s to good to not post it: who needs fancy digital cameras? Build your own pinhole camera out of an altoids-box. One day I will try this with an old CCD chip + circuitry, but until then, this will do the job.